Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"mCrazies" will be soon on AppZone to cater the needs of all movie crazies out there!

We, Malitha VIraj Mathugama and Madusanka Prasad Mathugama are 4th year undergraduates in University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC). "mCrazies" is the first application we developed as a team based application.

This application provides information about on going movies in famous theaters. In some urgent situations browsing through the internet to get information on the on going movies in theaters becomes so irritative. But getting those information by sending a simple SMS sounds more easier. You don't have to spend time surfing the internet or calling friends to get these information anymore! Just type 

mcraz<space><name of theater 1><space><name of theater 2> and send to 4499 from your Etisalat phone.

Here, name of theater 2 is optional. If user wants to get details of on going movies in more than one theater, then it is possible to type several theater names by leaving a <space> in between each theater name. User will get a SMS in return with the corresponding results for his SMS.

Buy developing these applications we gain knowledge and experiences on new technologies. Any developer would like to feel the excitement when there applications are being used by the general public. Not only that, the recognition and the revenue you get will make you an well known entrepreneur among the other developers. There are untouched problems which we all need a solution to make our lives easier. Its only a matter of thinking about those unsolved problems and coming up with an easy way to solve them. Developers have been provided with all the required materials such as APIs, sample applications, guide lines and support by the AppZone Team. We have the knowledge on programming languages. So what is needed is to put these two together to develop a well demanded application which has a good business logic behind it. That's how both of us came up with the idea about "mCrazies" app which is also a very simple solution to cater the people who are  always on alert about the movies.

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