Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"Daily Horoscope" is a part of Sri Lanka's biggest App Revolution!

I’m Navin Dhananshan, a second year software engineering undergraduate studying at Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology (APIIT). When I got to know about AppZone, which is launched by Etisalat together with hSenid Mobile, I was very interested and eager to put my own ideas into practice. That was when I came up with “Daily Horoscope”.

“Daily Horoscope” is a SMS based application where the registered Etisalat users will be provided with their daily horoscope depending on their zodiac sign. The horoscope is provided by one of the well known astrologist in Sri Lanka. I found that such an application would be very helpful for anyone in order to get a snapshot how the day ahead would be like.
AppZone is targeted towards the university students. There were four workshops held at APIIT which were presented by the AppZone team.
The simulator and API given by the AppZone to develop applications made it easy to put my application on live because the API totally handles the outgoing and incoming SMSs so that we only need to invoke some methods. The server is provided with 1 GB space with no charges, so that we do not need to spend extra money on putting the application live. The hSenid mobile forum also helped me a lot whenever I came across doubts and to overcome them. Apart from the forum the hSenid developers also helped me in many other ways.
Though the money factor was very convincing and motivating, the major reason for me to develop my application was the pride and self satisfaction that I would gain to see my application being used by people.
I would say AppZone is the ideal way to be an entrepreneur, because AppZone can totally change your life if you have a great idea. I would like to invite all the developers especially university students to take this as an opportunity and try to take the maximum out of this.

Register for AppZone Mobile Applicatition Competition today and stand a chance to win an iPad. They are giving this opportunity specially for the university students.