Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"mPoll" and "Yalu", Two cool apps on appzone developed by a bunch of students of University of Kelaniya

 I'm Arunoda Susiripala, lead developer behind the “mPoll” and “Yalu” projects. We are a group of students from University of Kelaniya following the degree in Management and Information Technology (MIT). Myself and the other groups members; Tharaka Wanigasekara, Prasad Hewage, Chinthaka Senanayaka, Ranga Madushanka and Tharaka Ranwatta worked hard together to make this project a success.

mPoll: is a mobile polling/voting platform which runs on "etisalat" mobile network in Sri Lanka. Simply, mPoll allows you to run a SMS based voting system which is heavily used in the reality shows these days. And it includes a state of the art web application ( ) which allows moderators to run and monitor polls without any hassle. Meanwhile it allows any "etisalat" subscriber to participate with any poll as they normally do with those reality shows.

Yalu: is a new and user friendly chat application where you can completely focus on chatting while it'll automatically match a partner to you. Yalu comes with a simple registration process; no nickname, age or gender required. Just say "hi" and you'll get a partner to chat. If you done with him/her you can either select another one or say "bye" to yalu.

All you’ve got to do is;

  • First register with yalu - send "REG yl" to 4499 
  • Then - send "yl hi" to 4499 you'll discover what to do next. 
  • Anytime you need a help - send "yl help"
mPoll and Yalu were just two ideas in our minds and it became a reality because of (mChocie Aventura Platform) which is a great invention of hSenid Mobile Solutions. It allows us to focus on the application logic and just ignore underline complexity behind these sms/mobile networks. Aventura platform provides a simple API to send and receive messages and all these magic built around it.

Another factor which motivated us to do this is the “revenue sharing process”. Etisalat is willing to share 70% of the profit they make from our applications. And there is no any startup fee or any registration fee to host an application on the Aventura Platform. Not only that we never need to worry about the infrastructure as well, because they are kind enough to provide decent set of infrastructure to host our application. is going to make a big difference in Sri Lankan mobile application market. I would like to take this as an opportunity to invite all the DEVELOPERS out there and specially the university students who are doing software development to be a part of this app revolution and make use if this great opportunity.

Group Members:
Tharaka Wanigasekara
Prasad Hewage

Tharaka Ranwatta
Chinthaka Senanayaka
Ranga Madushanka


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