Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Get the latest alerts of ICC cricket world cup on your Etisalat Mobile

Its the Cricket World Cup Season!!!! Get the latest ICC Cricket World Cup alters on your mobile phone by using the "Cricket World Cup application on AppZone". 

Type REG WC and send to 4490 from your Etisalat Mobile and always be in touch with what's happening with the World Cup Match Series!

By Subscribing to this service you are able to get information such as; 
  • Match schedules
  • Score updates
  • Details of the venues (grounds) in which the matches are being held
  • Matches played
  • Details of the final results such as which team won/lost, final scores, net run rate 
  • And many other information by country etc.
This application was developed by Priyanka Weerabahu who has also developed the following applications:  Postal Codes, Sweep Results, Get Any Hotline, Lucky Numbers, Dhamma Verse.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

WINNERS of the AppZone Mobile Application Intra University Competition have been selected!!

Hey Guys,

A Big Thank You to all who participated in the the AppZone Mobile Application Competition- Intra University Round. So its time to let you all know who the winners are!!

Indeed all of you have been curiously waiting for this moment to come! Therefore we will no longer keep you waiting. We are organizing the Award Ceremony for the Intra University Competition.

Listed below are the names of the applications which have been participated in this competition;

Aya Vaya
Bank Head Office In Colombo
Best Friend Calculator
Birthday and Character
Biz News 
Cricket Live Scores
Daily Hadees 
Daily Horoscope 
Death Date
English Dictionary
English Sinhala Dictionary
Exchange Rates
Fun Facts 
How Many Babies
Islamic Prayer Time
Joke Box
Love Friend
Luck of the day
Numerology Calculator
Prayer Times
Slang Book
Stock Exchange
Stock Trades
Tech News 
Todays Luck
Tuck Tick Took 
What Birthday Tells About You
Word Puzzle 

Hope to see all the participants at this special event. The winners will be announced at the award ceremony. You will be informed about the date, time and venue prior to the event.

So be in touch!!!