Friday, January 14, 2011

Get Sri Lankan Sweep Results to your Etisalat Mobile Phone

Now you can get any Sri Lankan Sweep (Lottery) results to your Etisalat mobile phone by sending a SMS to 4499 as follows.

You may use any of the following Sweep Codes or Sweep Names.
Sweep CodesSweep Names
DCHANCEDouble Chance
DFORTUNEDevelopment Fortune
DKIRULADeyata Kirula
HLOTTERYHospital Lottery (Lotto)
JSAMPATHAJathika Sampatha
MSAMPATHAMahajana Sampatha
SARANASarana National Lottery
SFORTUNESaturday Fortune
SWASANAShrama Wasana
SWSAMPATHASupiri Wasana Sampatha
VSAMPATHAVasana Sampatha
AIRPORTAirport Super

Application Developer: Priyantha Weerabadu

Visit : for more applications

Get Sri Lankan Postal Codes to your Etisalat Mobile Phone

Now you can get any Sri Lankan Postal Code (Zip Code) to your Etisalat mobile phone by sending a SMS to 4499 as follows.
Example: POSTCODE Kandy
Will Give: Kandy | Postal Code 20000 | Kandy District | Central Province.

Application Developer: Priyantha Weerabadu

Visit : for more applications

Monday, January 3, 2011

Awaiting the results! Sign-ups are currently frozen. Its time for you to start promoting your applications

Hey Guys!! 

As you all know that submitting your apps for the Intra University Competition has already hit the deadline! Now its time for you to promote your applications and get the highest usage. The winners will be selected on the revenue that they generate for their applications regardless of the app type (on demand/ subscription based). 

Those who have their apps on the site and the USSD menu hurry up and start promoting!! Others please respond to the e-mails that have been sent to you by the AppZone Team and get your applications on the AppZone App Store as soon as possible. Remember, sooner you get your app on live, more the time you get to promote your app and generate revenue!!