Monday, October 18, 2010

AppZone Mobile Application Competition


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Etisalat and hSenid mobile announces an iPad for the Grand Winner of the AppZone Mobile Application Inter University Competition.
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Here is a chance for you to show your killer apps and get rewarded with many prizes!!!

AppZone Mobile Application Competition gives you 3 rounds to participate with your ground breaking apps..!!

Round 1: The Internal University Competition
Round 2: The All Island Inter University Competition 
Mega Round: Public Competition

AppZone Mobile Application Competition is mainly focusing on the university students with the intention of making the environment for them to become an entrepreneur. This competition gives an immense opportunity for the Sri Lankan university students to go beyond the few professional who have dominated the sphere thus far and to get the opportunity for the developer to share the application nationally and internationally, thereby having the chance to build his or her reputation. 

The mega round of the competition is open up for all the industry developers, freelancers, professionals and software development companies. University studesnts who were not able to participate in the first two rounds of the competition or the students who were not selected as winners are also welcomed to compete in this round. In this competition we direct the developers to think in different streams and develop their application under the following categories;

☀ News
☀ Sports
☀ Games
☀ Information
☀ Fun

◄•••• Prizes and Awards ••••►

Round 1: Intra University Competition

1st Prize: Cash Prize of Rs: 10000, AppZone App Competition Winner T- shirt, Certificate 
2nd Prize: Cash Prize of Rs: 5000, AppZone App Competition 1st Runner up T-shirt, Certificate
3rd Place: AppZone App Competition 2rd Runner up T- shirt, Certificate

Round 2: All Island Intra University Competition

1st Prize: iPad, Trophy, Certificate and Library Fund of Rs: 15,000 for the University
2nd Prize: iPod, Trophy, Certificate and Library Fund of Rs: 7500 for the University
3rd Place: 3G Phone, Trophy, Certificate and Library Fund of Rs: 5000 for the University

Mega Round: Public Competition

Each of the winners of the 5 categories will be awarded with a Blackberry Phone, Trophy and a Certificate.

Enter today: