Tuesday, December 21, 2010

MyMed comes to AppZone from an undergraduate of UCSC

I am Malith VIraj Mathugama, currently a 4th year undergraduate in University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC). 

My application "MyMed"on AppZone is to obtain details about well known doctors private consultation. The application provides relevant information about a particular doctor's private visiting hospital name, time, relevant hospital's hotline number and the charge for the doctor. 

To get the service type mymed<space><1st doctor's name><space><2nd doctor's name> and send to 4499

The 2nd doctor's name is optional, user can type one or many doctors names in single message and retrieve details according to the message sent.

By developing this application I gained experience of working with 3rd party software platforms and integration of individual application to a 3rd party simulator. Not only that but I also gathered an extension knowledge about execution and data structural hierarchy in server side. AppZone team provided me all the guidelines to overcome challenges I had to face during the time I was implementing my application. They provided me contact numbers to share my problems and get involve relavent authorized persons to slove them in an efficient manner. Finally they always kept asking the status of the application and that really motivated me to complete this app. The guidance they provided made me easier to reach my destination.

The way the apps on AppZone are being promoted and the prizes they are ready to give out for the best applications of the competition made me focus on this development. 

Currently there are many good applications on the AppZone Appstore. In my point of view, the idea or the concept is the most significant here rather than the development process, because these apps are basically based on business aspect. It is very important to have the attractiveness and a demand for your app. In order to gain an user satisfaction, application must address a simple solution for a existing unsolved (may be solved partially but not in an efficient way for many mobile users). Such kind of concepts are out there. You only have to think a bit in the user's perspective. 

As a user and a developer I'm very glad to see such apps are available on AppZone and they are ready to make the, available. My app is also a very simple solution for e-chanelling since e-chanelling concept needs internet access. This provides a solution for those who do not have access to the internet. Mobile world always make things possible in the easiest way. Be a part of those who provides a solution and a better service for the mobile users.