Monday, December 13, 2010

"Stock Exchange" another ground braking application developed by a set of undergraduates in UCSC

We, Hirantha Weerarthna, Sachith Senarath and Aloka Munasinghe are undergraduates of University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC). “Stock Exchange” is the first application we developed for the AppZone Mobile Application Competition to cater to its users with the latest updates of the share market.  

The share prices change very often and the share holders need to sell their shares when there is an incline in their company share values. Therefore they would need to be on alert about the changes happen in the share prices. By using this application users can get the updates of the share market prices simply without loging into the (Colombo Stock Exchange) CSE website or contacting them.
We have developed this application in a very user friendly manner where users can get the information by sending a simple SMS to 4499.

They only have to type shares<space><company ID> and send it to 4499.

By developing this application we were able to gain more knowledge on an area which we had no experience before. At first we thought it would be hard to develop a SMS based application as we were new to that. But it was fun to develop it after understanding the logic behind it properly.  Actually the whole process of developing the app was a new experience to us. Indeed we came across some difficulties specially when simulating the app. But the support materials they have provided in the site were fair enough for us to get on board.  We watched the videos on and it was a huge support to clarify the problems we had. Anyone who is new to developing apps can get a good knowledge by simply referring those videos. It is no rocket science at all, if you have the will and a good business logic which will catch up by the customers.