Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"IQ Challenge" goes live on AppZone by Empowering your IQ…

I am K.H.Suranga Pathmakumara.I am an undergraduate of Electronics and Telecommunication Department, Faculty of Engineering, University of Moratuwa and currently studying at level 3. As we got to know about the AppZone Mobile Application Competition I came up with an idea to create an app which is a SMS quiz. 

The key perspective of my app “IQ Challenge” is to provide both fun and knowledge to the customers and in the meanwhile to get an idea about their IQ level. This is an subscription based application where user have to register. No registration charges but SMS charges will be applied.

Procedure to play the game

1)      Type “reg<space>qz” and send and send to 4499 for  registration
Then you will get all the instructions of the game and your first question. With the question most probably you will get 4 answers. You have to give the most appropriate answer by its number.

2)      Send your answers in the following format
qz<space>ans<space><your answer number>” to 4499

3)      Thereafter you will get a message whether your answer is correct or incorrect. And followed by another message which will give you the next question. If you give the correct answer you will add 10 points to your account.

4)      From level 20 to 26 (stage 2) we will not automatically send questions one after another. Customer has to get a question manually. To get a question type a message in following format “qz<space>get”and send to 4499. Then you will receive a question again which you have to send the answer within 5 minutes. Otherwise even though   you have given the correct answer it will not be considered as a valid answer.

5)     If you want to retry for a question type “qz<space>retry” and send to 4499. Then you will get a new question. Remember that total number of questions that you can try is 150. For stage 2 there will be only 30 questions to try.

6)  End of the month the points you have collected for your correct answers will be counted and the winners will be selected to reward with the gifts.

Developing Apps with Appzone

After you understand the basic idea of the process behind your application it is simple to develop your app. If you have a sound programming knowledge, then that’s it. You can download the mchoice aventura simulator and test your app with that.

Motivation to develop Apps

Programming is one of my interests. The advantage for me by developing this application is I got a good experience about web services and about the applications that runs on aventura platform. Also I should mention about the earning potential that a developer can have by developing apps.Of course you can make your own money by developing applications with Appzone.

My thoughts to the other developers

My thought to other students and whoever at the beginning of programming is
“Appzone is giving you a free opportunity to develop your programming skills for the first time in Sri Lanka.So why don’t you take the advantage? And of course you can make your own money on the way.” 

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